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Young Entrepreneurs Table

The Nazareth Economic Development Commission (NEDC)  Inc. is pleased to announce the third season of the Young Entrepreneur's Table (YET) at the Nazareth Farmers Market.  The Young Entrepreneur's Table will feature a different vendor with a unique hand crafted/grown product each week.  If you are a local resident, under thirty, who is has an entrepreneurial spirit and is looking to start or grow their own business, the YET is an excellent opportunity.  You will have the benefit of the Nazareth Farmers Market existing customer base and you will be able to see your product in a real sales environment.  You will also be able to receive feed back from customers and advice from your fellow vendors. Additionally, you can test your marketing and salesmanship skills in a family friendly environment.    

The NECD and Prime Conduit recognizes that the future of our downtown depends on the creation of new businesses and that we need to support the ideals and dreams of our youth in order for our community to grow and prosper.  We are committed to showing our younger generation that business ownership is a viable path to success and want to provide the tools necessary for that success.  The YET at the Farmers Market is our first step in that direction. The NEDC will also provide our young entrepreneurs with additional resources for them to continue on the path to owning their own business.

If you are interested in attending the Nazareth Farmers Market as a Young Entrepreneur complete the application below. Contact NazDowntownMgr@gmail for more information.





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